TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Assocation)

Securing the transportation of high value, risk and requested cargo

TAPA has developed a worldwide Freight Security Requirements (FSR) standard that is designed to ensure the safe and secure storage and transit of any TAPA member’s assets worldwide.

TAPA is a co-operation between 600 companies who have worked together since 1997 to reduce losses in national and international supply chains. It includes:

  • Global manufacturers (buyers)
  • Freight carriers (suppliers) as well as large and small national and international transportation and freight forwarding companies
  • Distribution centres (suppliers) and distribution warehouses, airports, rail yards and harbours
  • Law enforcement agencies working with TAPA members and security provide

Benefits of TAPA

  • Establishment of an effective physical security system to reduce the loss of high value assets
  • Monetary savings of insurance fees because of reduced losses and effective risk assessment
  • Inventory security to maintain your competitive advantages of ‘just-in-time’ deliveries
  • TAPA professional assistance through the global incident reporting center, monthly publications and bulletins for TAPA members
  • Easy integration of TAPA FSR principles within other management systems: TAPA FSR audits may be combined with other audits which result in certification cost and time savings
  • Greater personal security for personnel, increased physical security of materials, reduced risk of loss related incidents, recognition of security minded professionals