For whom?

From our location in Amsterdam we can advise and install security packages for businesses, government and individuals throughout the Netherlands. We are a Borg Technical Security Company accredited by NCP/KIWA. Our work meets the level and criteria of the Enhanced Risk Class Classification (VKRI). We are entitled to provide BORG certificates for the highest security class (4*). This can be demonstrated to insurance companies, to show that the structural and electronic security solutions are based on the requirements of the association of insurers. Below you can read the target groups of Inbraakpreventie bv.


Your valuable company assets protected against unwanted visitors


The security that your shop and valuables are well protected


Keep your priceless jewellery out of the greedy hand of thieves


Leave your home without the worry of intrusion


The guarantee that other people's children are safe at school


Protect your important documents and yourself against fire and burglary


A strongly secured property that deters burglars


Every precious object protected against the smartest intrusion method

Public & Private

How we ensure your safety in Public and Private situations

Total Security

We know exactly what prevention resources are required in your situation