Alarm systems

You do not usually want to let uninvited guests in. An alarm system will help you to spot uninvited guests and can be configured to send a message to your PC, smart phone or tablet. Because no matter how strong your building security is: if you are not present, it is still nice to have control of your home or property from your smart phone or tablet. Detecting the intrusion takes place by means of magnetic contacts on windows and doors, vibratory contacts on windows, glass breakage detectors, heat detectors or motion detectors. These resources have both wired and wireless capabilities available. With an alarm system, you can not only detect burglars, you can also use it to activate your cameras and videos so that they capture images of the burglary. In addition to the electronic message, you can also opt for a visual message with a siren or flash, whilst automatically notifying the emergency services. You can be assured your home is fully protected. 

Alarm systems for corporate and private clients

An alarm system can be used for both private and business purposes. When purchasing the system, it is especially important to ask yourself whether the alarm system is necessary for your insurer or that it is only your own wish. Are you a private individual protecting contents worth fewer than 50.000 euros? Then you can opt for a wireless system. Protecting assets worth 50.000 euros or more? Then you are often required to install a wired system. For business purposes, a wired alarm system is a standard requirement of insurance, regardless of the value of your building or warehouse.

Detection by alarm systems

Whether you choose a wired or wireless alarm system: detecting is an indispensable part. You may choose from so-called shell detection and spatial detection. Shell detection acts like a "shield" for your home or business and detects the person before they are in your home or building. Spatial detection is especially applied at higher risk classes to keep out unwanted visitors. Spatial detection is used to detect individuals who are already within the protected area. The corresponding alarm system can be operated in several ways: by means of a key, code, tag or remotely by means of a smart phone or tablet. You can also activate the system by using a timer or GPS signal. These different control options are an essential part of your alarm system.

An alarm system detects intruders and ensures that a message is broadcasted, frightening the intruder into retreating. However a deterrent is not enough, you may want to install a delay with good hinges and locks, plus windows and other structural defences. 


Wireless or wired alarm system

A wireless alarm system is often easier to install and an effective complement to the structural security of your property. A wireless alarm system quality is reliable, affordable and only little cabling is required, so no major construction work in your home. Read more about our wireless alarm systems.


We recommend that you always use a BORG certified installer to fit the system components. We supply and install customised solutions for properties and offer security in the broadest sense of the word. Read all about BORG certification. 

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