Camera systems

 A camera can help you in identifying an intrusion attempt and can subsequently be very important for the investigative and verification activities. A combination of a camera and access control system often gives conclusive evidence to be able to arrest the suspected perpetrators. A camera detects whether access is granted to an authorized person. Thanks to the images, you can clearly see who has been inside. 

Camera systems for companies

Companies generally make use of two types of camera systems: overview cameras or detail cameras. With overview cameras you observe a certain environment or space and capture a general overview of the area. A specific camera, as the name suggests, is focused on a specific area, offering more detail. It is best to combine both systems, to have maximum effect. For example at jewellery stores, we often install a detailed camera at the door and an overview camera in the hallway. 

Camera systems for individuals

Camera systems have become increasingly popular. The security of their property is paramount. Thanks to mobile apps and the internet it has become very easy. The goal is to have everything registered if something were to happen, providing evidence for police and insurance companies. However, camera systems can be used for much more purposes. What about an extra pair of eyes, to watch over your sick pet? Or the possibility to aim your camera on your newest piece of art, by using your mobile application? This way, you can also immediately show others your fancy decorated home!

Smart security cameras

There are many different types of security cameras. For example, there are smart cameras that follow people and objects, automatically recognise faces, make a calculation of the number of persons, registering missing goods and make a report of unauthorised persons. More about our smart cameras.


Before you install a security camera, it is important to determine what you want to film precisely, under what circumstances you want to do this and what is the ultimate goal. Do you want to capture at night or only in the light? Should the camera look outside or just inside? And not unimportant: do you only want to include objects or entire areas? In most cases it is important to capture the "full picture", so from the burglary attempt burglary itself. So the best answer is a combination system which can capture everything, combined with thermal cameras and sensors. 

What else should I know?

There are some other things you should consider before buying a camera. One of those things is the fact that the police presence must receive two messages before they come along. Therefore, it is best to combine a camera with a control system. Both systems have the ability to separately report the burglaries, which always come in two reports to the police. In addition, care must be taken at the conclusion of your insurance. If you want to insure in the higher classes (both business and private) security cameras can quickly become mandatory, including the recording and storage. 

Wondering under which insurance class you fall? Knowing whether a camera is also necessary in your situation? Please contact us for a complete inventory conversation about the security cameras in your property or home!