About us

How we started

It all started in the year 1974. At the time, the mechanical and electronic security technology was still in its infancy. Certifications and recognitions in the field of security were not there yet. However, at Inbraakpreventie bv we had a very technical and unique view on the protection of private and public property. The TBBS * could find themselves completely in this vision and entrepreneurs and consumers were confident of our strength, which made Inbraakpreventie bv a nationally known name.

What we do

Over the years, much has changed. Certificates and approvals have now become indispensable and prevention possibilities are enormous. Throughout the Netherlands, we advise and install the most advanced electronic and structural security. This varies from safes, security and alarm systems, to special fences and shutters. Also fire prevention has become a major specialisation, because if we're going for safety, we might as well do it properly in one go!

How we distinguish ourselves

When it comes to intrusion prevention, an intrusion electrician thinks often only of electronic security camera systems and alarm systems. A contractor, however, focuses precisely on building security such as glass, locks and doors. At Inbraakpreventie bv, we focus consciously on both. Because we believe that this is the only way really keep burglars out.

How we work

Before we get started, we temporarily place ourselves into the minds of the burglar. This way, we know exactly what electronic and structural prevention resources are required. Then our team of mechanical engineers start to work with architectural changes, so that burglars are kept outside the door as long as possible. Our technical engineers finally ensure the necessary electronics, so that intruders are detected immediately. Therefore, electronic and structural protection is not an end but a means. For the same reason, we do not just sell security means of just one brand. We have only one goal: to offer you the very best protection!