Inbraakpreventie Amsterdam Mastering Securtiy

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Your property is our concern

We protect your property, land or precious possession like no one else!


Your valuable company assets protected against unwanted visitors


The security that your shop and valuables are well protected


Keep your priceless jewellery out of the greedy hand of thieves


Leave your home without the worry of intrusion


The guarantee that other people's children are safe at school


Protect your important documents and yourself against fire and burglary


A strongly secured property that deters burglars


Every precious object protected against the smartest intrusion method

Public & Private

How we ensure your freedom in Public and Private situations

Total security

We know exactly what prevention resources are required in your situation
Totaalbeveiliging Inbraakpreventie

Why choose total security?

Of course, we are not the only intrusion prevention company in the Netherlands. How do we differ? Because of our unique mix of structural and electronic security. When it comes to intrusions, electricians especially think of electronic security such as camera systems and alarm systems, whilst a contractor will mainly focus on good structural barriers such as glass, locks, doors, etc.

Inbraakpreventie excels in both disciplines. Our team of mechanical engineers keep out the burglars through structural interventions, whilst our technical engineers make sure the uninvited guests are detected immediately and will alert the security response at once. Inbraakpreventie gets into the burglars mind in order to be able to secure your home as much as possible.

Electronic or structural protection is not an end, but a means. That’s why we deliberately do not just sell one brand. We find an independent and personal advice much more important.

Inbraakpreventie bv clearly came with the best all-in solution. Naturally, we had requested several quotes and plans; each came back with either the architectural or electronic approach whilst Inbraakpreventie presented a strong mechanical/architectural plan and a thorough electronic plan. Their ideas build on the propositions of the specialists that concentrated either one of the two disciplines.”

Lucas van Reeken

 CEO Websend

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