Access Control

Under access control we mean either YES or NO: whether someone has access to (certain parts of) a building or a house. This could be done with the aid of the well-known ‘drop’ tag, an access code or software keys. The advantages are that you can manage access per-person, and access to certain departments. For example, everyone has access to the front door and their own department, but the warehouse or your private office are not accessible to everyone. Moreover, if you choose for a drop or software key, then you have a great advantage. Control management is namely easier when you lose it. When keys and tags get lost, a large amount of key changes could prove to be costly. If you decide to go digital, it is a lot easier. You just shut off the lost digital key and add a new one.  

Why is access control of interest to companies?

Through access control, companies can greatly reduce the risk of internal and external properties. You give your employees access to only the places they should be. This way you keep sensitive information, data and money out of the wrong hands, especially in large companies that incorporate various departments (logistics, sales, management but also cleaning). Therefore, this type of security is highly attractive and effective. Even if employees find it tedious, it can be used to proof that they have not been to certain areas.

Upon installation, total control is 90% structural and 10% electronic engineering. That is precisely why people choose us; we have mastered both disciplines and not only concentrate on one or the other. We don’t provide partial, we provide total solutions.

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Access control

Access control can be even more intelligent; it can provide you with the information of who comes in or out and who is currently in the building. In case of emergencies (such as fires) it is a good tool to provide you with an accurate manifest and allow emergency services to coordinate accordingly.

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