Keeping your personal belongings secure, that is our mission. Our goal is to offer the best protection. Reliability, craftsmanship, service and innovation are our keywords. For over 40 years we have been working from the centre of Amsterdam, with a special vision on securing property in the private and public sector.  As a ‘one-stop-shop’ Inbraakpreventie bv combines structural and electronic measures. Below you can read about the solutions provided by our vetted professionals who are happy to be of service. With us you only need one point of contact. Our work comes guaranteed with top BORG-certification for your insurance company.

What is electronic security?

Electronic security allows you to quickly detect potential intruders and immediately alert the emergency service. This form of security makes and integral addition to architectural security, because one does not have all the time in the world to build barricades if burglars try to break in! Therefore, with electronic security you can be assured that intruders are detected immediately, preventing them of even attempting to breach the structural barriers.

There are various means by which you can detect intruders, for example vibration detectors, glass break detectors or motion sensors placed on the exterior of a building. The primary purpose of these systems is that burglars or intruders are rapidly and effectively detected, without getting false alarms. Proper installation and calibration is essential, our experts will arrange this for you and advise you on exactly what factors you should consider, based upon environment, equipment and weather conditions. Read more about electronic security.

What is structural security?

Structural protection is the complete protection of all the sensitive parts of your property, such as exterior doors, windows, skylights and wall or façade structures. Structural security is a key pillar in an overall security; a good structural security keeps intruders out.

Intruders commonly exploit openings as their way to gain access, therefore it is very important to determine which hinges, railings, frames, glass, locks, doors and shutters are best suited to your situation. Intruders indeed know, in a matter of seconds, how to find the weaknesses and exploit them; as such a good structural security system is indispensable. What good is a professional alarm system if your door is made of chipboard? For that reason, we recommend a total solution where intruders are detected as early as possible (electronic) ,kept out as long as possible (structural) and finally captured on the clearest image (electronic). Read more about structural security.