Are you intimidated by people that suddenly are at your door with possible bad intentions? Do you find it nice to know in advance who is coming to visit? With an intercom you are always well prepared thus feel in full control and avoid unpleasant situations. 

Where do you fit the intercom?

Intercom systems are often placed at entrances where you usually have no control over. Visitors must first present themselves and it is up to you whether you grant access or not. That makes an intercom also suitable for older people in an apartment; this way they know exactly who is down at the door and can prevent dangerous situations. In terms of businesses, the intercom can become an important advantage for the productivity of your employees. They do not always have to run to the door to open it, but can operate the door remotely.

The possibilities of intercom systems

Not so long ago, the intercom systems only operated from the attachment point. Today it is possible to see through your smart phone, tablet or other electronic system who exactly is at the door. This allows you to grant access, wherever you are. The intercom system has many more advantages nowadays. For example, it allows you to set the lights around the intercom on automatically when motion is detected, and can take a picture of the person at the door. This picture is then neatly stored in memory, so you know exactly who came to visit you.

Types of intercom systems

If you choose an intercom system, you have two choices; the audio intercom system or video intercom system. The biggest difference between the two types of intercom systems is the cost. An audio intercom is financially the most attractive, but with this system you can only monitor the voice of your visitor. An intercom with video, however, offers more security benefits, but it comes at extra cost and wiring. It's up to you to decide how far you wish to go. Learn more about one of these intercoms? Download the brochure of audio intercom and video intercom.

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