What is structural security?

Structural security is the complete security of all burglary sensitive parts of your property, such as exterior doors, windows, skylights and wall or façade structures. This architectural security is a key pillar in an overall security: with a good architectural security you can keep burglars out.

Structural risks

Intruders commonly exploit openings as their way to gain access. Therefore, it is very important to determine which hinges, railings, frames, windows, locks, doors and shutters are best suited to your situation. Intruders indeed know in a matter of seconds, how to find the weaknesses and exploit them, so a good structural security system is indispensable. What good is a professional alarm system if your door is made of chipboard? For that reason, we recommend a total solution where intruders are detected as early as possible (electronic) kept out as long as possible (structural) and finally captured as clear as possible (electronic).

Inbraakpreventie bv uses the following solutions to improve your structural safety: