Telephone and wireless networks

Thanks to the rise of VoIP calls via the Internet, you do not have to invest in a central switchboard for a telephone system. For a fixed fee per workstation you can make use of an ultra-modern telephone exchange with the latest and most advanced facilities. In addition, you do not have to worry about installation and maintenance, because the PBX is located on a secure location outside your company.

Always accessible 

VoIP is especially attractive if you frequently work with tele-operators or when your employees work from several different locations. Regardless of where they are located they can always be reached on the same number. Multiple locations can be reached through the same central, cutting mutual calling costs. You can expand temporarily or permanently at a moment’s notice, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Reliable solution

In terms of reliability VoIP is a good solution. The telephone system is at a maximum secure offsite location. The VoIP platform is distributed across four different data centres and ensures its technical specialists keep the lines working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You cannot wish for more reliability. Moreover, VoIP comes with a clear and predictable price tag. We can tell you exactly how much an extra employee or telephone line will cost.

In short VoIP is a reliable, telephone solution with secure internet protocols for safety installations, cameras and data storage systems. Inbraakpreventie bv can help you to setup your integral VoIP connection so you can soon benefit from a safe and reliable alarm system and a flexible and cost-effective telephone solution.

Security via a data network

Thanks to the Internet, it is becoming more common and easier to implement wired or wireless systems. Adding a smart phone, tablet and television to a doorbell or security system is part of our daily activities and helps our customers to take advantage of all the possibilities of a secure home and shop.  With the help of special security add-ons we don’t compromise on your safety and the safety of your prized possessions. The basis is a well-equipped network with a modern secured router, with proper wiring. The data network is actually the nerve, vein and artery of your secure home or business and provides a secure and reliable network. If the building blocks are solid we can then further the security with an intercom and camera system. You decide ultimately whether you opt for wired control or a secure connection with your tablet or smart phone.


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