Every person has valuables, whether it is an expensive watch, currency, the keys to your car or simply an object with high emotional value. Do you want to keep these properties safe, in a place where they are secured against fire, damage or theft? Then a secure vault is your answer. Safes protect your possessions against the most extreme events and like any vault expert, we ensure to match your needs with the precise product you require. 

Burglar-proof safes

Before you purchase a burglar-proof safe, it is important to determine exactly what you want to protect. There are three main things that burglars like to be looking for: documents, data and valuable items, such as money, jewellery or electronics. Which vault best meets your criteria, depends on the size of the products that you want to protect, but also on the value representing the products. For example: you can choose to anchor the safe into the ground so it cannot be removed. Or you could opt for a simpler, more compact safe. Fortunately, you are not alone when you make this choice; we are here to use all our experience and professional knowledge to guide you in the right direction! Download the brochure “burglary resistant safes” for more information.

Wall safes

Do you want to store your valuables in a safe, but have no room to place one? Is a freestanding safe too big? Then a wall safe is a good choice for you! 


Computer and data safes

We have recently valued our digital assets at a whopping €15.475,-. The Dutch are also found to value the emotional value of their digital assets highly, as a large part of it could be lost or damaged without the possibility of recovery.


Fireproof safes

A fireproof safe can protect its contents for a specific time from the effects of fire. This protection is always expressed in time (30-60-120 minutes). This will tell you how long a cabinet may be last in the furnace before the inside of the cabinet reaches the critical temperature. This critical temperature is different for each material.

Storing paper 

Paper will show spontaneous chemical reactions from a temperature of 176 degrees Celsius, making it discoloured or curled. Therefore, the storage of paper should be done in specially designed fireproof safes, which keep the temperature of the interior below 156 degrees Celsius.

Storing image carriers

Image carriers, such as microfilm, are already ruined at 95 degrees Celsius. To stay on the side of caution, the maximum temperature in the enclosure should not exceed 75 degrees. For that reason we recommend using specialised safes, designed for the safeguarding of footage equipment. 

Storing digital media carriers

A fire resistant data save is meant to safeguard media carriers such as CDs and DVDs, it should also protect external hard drives or backup tapes at temperatures over 52 degrees Celsius. When exposed to temperatures exceeding 52 degrees Celsius, the information carriers could lose data. Also a higher relative humidity than 85% is disastrous for data carriers; a fire resistant data safe can withstand these external influences.

The difference between a safe and fire-resistant safes is that they can provide additional protection in the event of fire. Fireproof safes are built so that the contents in the safe can be protected from the effects of fire for a particular time. 


Burglary and fireproof safes

You may want a burglar-proof safe next to a fireproof one. Then it might be an idea to choose a combination safe which can resist both forces. Is this the only solution? No, you can also choose a fireproof cabinet in a burglar proof safe, which is often cheaper than a full fire and burglar proof solution. 

How do I know that my fire safe is safe?

If you buy a fireproof safe, you can be sure it meets the established standards. All our safes have first undergone a critical test. This test is as follows: an independent test set the vaults for 30, 60 and 120 coins exposed to a temperature of 1090 degrees Celsius. The safe is also dropped from a height of 9.15 meters to check it keeps its structural integrity; this is to simulate a fall, because a safe might suffer if the floor underneath it gives way due to fire. It is then cooled for a period of approximately 12 hours, once it has cooled down to a specific temperature. This temperature cannot exceed the mentioned value. Once the safe passes all these tests, it is approved. 

Need advice?

Purchasing a safe usually arises from the immediate need for security. Then you don’t expect to wait weeks for your safe. Moreover, you want to know that your safe is professionally installed. Because what good is a safe if the delicate contents are not protected from fire and/or theft? For that reason, you should choose Inbraakpreventie bv!