Glass is known for its fragility, but that fragility is the last thing you want when it comes to a burglary. Remember: you want to prevent intruders entering your property easily or leaving effortlessly. Yet, in practice this is a lot easier than you might think: glass is often at eye level, allowing intruders to effortlessly try to enter. Furthermore, many entrance doors are made of glass; if the glass can easily be smashed, then it serves little purpose. Inbraakpreventie fortunately offers several solutions to prevent such possibilities. 

Inbraakvertragend kogelwerendglas

Burglary retardant and bullet proof glass   

Burglary retardant glass ensures that the assailants will be slowed down in their attempt to break in by at least 5 minutes, which often is more than enough to deter intruders. Furthermore, taking these measures sends a clear message that you have taken steps to protect yourself against intrusion. Do they come armed with rubber bullets? No worries: they have no chance thanks to the repellent properties of the glass. That makes this glass into a multifunctional tool in the fight against vandalism, crime and armed robbery. 

Burglary glass

You can also opt for burglar proof glass. This glass is available in different versions, rising to as much as 3 stars SKG. (Quality and safety mark). But before you opt for this solution, it is important to determine whether you want to keep out burglars entirely or just want to slow them down. That may seem like an odd question, because everybody wants to keep out burglars. But, above all, you must consider the financial consequences. Installing burglar resistant glass namely requires a lot more action than resistant glass; it is therefore important to ascertain exactly what your situation is best. Providing the location of your property, 3 minutes of attempt by an intruder is proven to be enough deterrent. However, if you are trying to protect something that burglars will try 5 or more minutes to get to, then burglar proof grass can withstand up to 10 minutes. Looking for more information on burglar proof glass? 

After a burglary, they must also try to leave your house. Our top tip: make it as difficult as you can. Did the intruder get in through a small back window? Then make sure they can only use that as their only form of escape and do not let them easily open your door, once they get in. 

The right rebates and frames 

High security or burglar-resistant glasses are not enough, because he framework itself must be in excellent condition as well. Even if the glass is unbreakable, the rebounding energy could bounce the glass out of its grooving, allowing access to intruders. Unfortunately, we see this happening way too often: investing in proper glassware but forgetting to pay close attention to the other critically components such as the locks, hinges, doors, rebates and frames. We ensure that this does not happen; we arrange your complete security from A to Z!

Kozijnen en sponningen INbraakwerend

And what about the scratches?

Many customers wonder if the so-called polycarbonate glass (safety glass) is scratch resistant. We recommend you come and view the windows of our building on the Lijnbaansgracht: these are now more than 10 years old and contain no more scratches than ordinary glass.

Interested in our various security solutions for your windows? Please contact us immediately and let us make the glazing in your own house a lot safer!