Fog Generator

It may happen that your insurance company requires structural adjustments to make the life of the-would-be robber a little more difficult. In some cases, however, it is difficult to make these adjustments. Think of a listed building: here you cannot just break or erect a new building structure. A renovation is therefore difficult to achieve and very expensive. So how can you still meet your insurance requirements? Through the use of a fog generator. A fog generator can fill any room within seconds 10 seconds, reducing visibility to 35 inches. It works by disorientating any intruders and effectively ‘smoking them out’. 

How does a fog generator work?

A fog generator will operate in conjunction with an alarm system. If the alarm system detects an intruder, the fog generator automatically strikes. Detection is a crucial element for the correct operation of the fog generator. We advise our clients in most cases to work with dual detection such as motion or heat, so the generator is not triggered too fast or too late. 

Fog generator as a part of total security 

A fog generator is available in different designs and price ranges. For optimal effect, it is especially important that the fog generator forms part of an overall security. The alarm system must be accurate, and as soon as possible after detection the fog generator needs to be activated. What burglars cannot see, indeed they cannot take. That makes a fog generator the perfect tool to capture the crucial time between detection and the presence of the emergency services.