Fire Alarms

Fire and related damage: things that you would rather not think about. The consequences of a fire can be devastating. We all know what can be lost in a fire, and life’s ruined making damage and afterthought. Therefore, it is advisable to have critical insurance policies in order to try to minimize the damage, in case the worst should happen. Almost 80% of companies that have had a major fire must pay for this later with a bankruptcy. The re-purchase of items is very costly and the collections are often no longer available. A shopkeeper could lose his livelihood; manufacturing companies could be out of order for months and customers quickly move on to find other suppliers. Inbraakpreventie bv helps you avoid these unpleasant scenarios. 

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Fire prevention starts with the right organisation

Fire prevention investment is a must. If you don’t have a clear policy, then you are asking for trouble. Just imagine the situation: a workplace has no designated area for people to smoke, so they smoke in the workplace. There could be highly flammable products stored within, inadvertently a cigarette can spark a rapid spreading fire. This example shows the importance of a good fire policy, giving guidelines on where one can and cannot smoke and what to do if a fire is discovered. A well thought plan focuses on fire prevention. 

Fire detectors

When a major fire strikes, many material things can be lost because of the flames before the fire-agents can quell the fire. With proper detection means, you can happily avoid this. How do we install your fire detection capabilities? We first visit your premises and we make an assessment on how best to utilise the preventative measures you should incorporate, whether they are multi-sensors or smoke detectors, heat sensors or intelligent systems designed specifically to quickly and effectively measure large temperature differences. We decide together whether you need hand detectors that emit a signal, or silent panic alarm within the building that signals the various emergency services. Once all the components are clear, we come and begin the installation.



Structural with electronic fire prevention

Besides electronic fire prevention, structural fire prevention is crucial in building a secure home. Therefore, many people opt for the so-called ‘control function’. This architectural solution ensures that doors do not lock in event of a fire. We ensure that your solutions always meet your needs, by fully assessing the building. We look at all aspects, for example if you require continuous monitoring, or what is the fire resistance of the materials. We offer a fire detection and prevention system fully tailored to your needs, adhering to the latest regulation codes (currently 2012) and the NEN standards for fire safety are the basic principle (NEN2535,2555, 2575, 2654 and BS EN 12845 + 54).

Do you want to stop worrying about what the consequences of a fire could be? Please contact us for more information!