Even before the middle ages people used barricades to protect valuables. Lords would even dig a moat around a castle to delay intruders and indentify them early. Fencing nowadays actually has the very same purpose: they are an obstacle which burglars have to overcome before they can reach your property. They are normally detected immediately and cut down the chances of a successful break in dramatically. What are the different types of fences available, and whom do they benefit? 

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Fencing for business purposes

Especially in the business world, fencing has proven to be popular as an intrusion prevention tool. Obviously, because fencing is very affordable and efficient in keeping intruders out. Fences are also very versatile: you can choose to protect your whole property or a part of it, or even more specifically your windows! We will always asses your particular needs and situation. Is there aesthetic interest? Are you looking for fencing with classic or modern look? Should there be a gate in the fence? Is access control desired? We will arrange it for you.

Fencing for land

As a landowner you have come to the right place, Inbraakpreventie bv provides the best quality fencing solutions. It assures you and gives you peace of mind that those potential intruders will stay out. Before they even attempt to breach the fence, they would have already been detected by your security system, alerting the emergency services. What makes our fences so special? They are not only the best technical choice, but also have the best appearance incorporating ease of use. 

Naturally, we provide exceptional quality in a classic or modern style and equipped as desired, with roller or sliding gates. Because in addition to security, we find one thing very important: to offer you the best solution!

Fences for windows and warehouses

Burglar proof fencing can also have a very useful application. On your windows around your warehouse for example. You have extensive choice when it comes to stylish appearance; we offer special ornamental lattice fences with the same resistance to intruders, that are so beautifully designed that you could forget their true purpose. Of course, you can also go for a more imposing style, as the ultimate goal is always to keep those intruders out. 

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Fencing for private individuals

On your private property, you may have plenty of reasons to employ a fence as an intrusion prevention agent. You might have extremely valuable items in your house or live under constant scrutiny. Whatever the reason is: intrusion prevention assures that your life within the ‘gates’ remains safe, secure and private. 

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Fencing for your home  

You want to provide your home with a strong and secure fence to guard against any potential intruders accessing your private property? You have come to the right place. We provide fencing in modern and classic designs that fit the look of your unique property. Furthermore, we provide fencing with the correct detection means, to assure all unwanted visitors are detected immediately. The huge advantage is that the appearance of your home does not need to alter dramatically whilst assuring peace-of-mind.

Scissor fences 

In summer, it is nice to open the window and let that cooling breeze in. After all, it comes as a welcome relieve after a long, hot day. However, before you go to sleep peacefully, you should consider your home security. What if you get an unwanted intruder in the night? Special ‘scissor fencing’ can help you go to bed easy, by allowing you a refreshing breeze of an open window with the security of a solid barrier. 

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