Every day we shut many doors behind us, however we do not usually stop to think how safe these doors are. We want them to keep out unwanted visitors and not be easily forced open, no? Chances are the answer is yes. Fortunately, the right security doors, door locks, door hinges, dead bolt and door glass can help!


Door Locks

Most doors automatically close on the latch. A burglar can easily unlock this with a simple credit card. To force open a single-point lock (a lock that is secured in one place in the door) is a breeze for any intruder. Therefore, we normally advise to choose for a three-point lock, as it has very few weaknesses and it is not easily pried open. You can also choose a special lock on the entrance door that is locked automatically when the door is closing. This makes it very difficult for the door to 'pinball'. More about door locks here. 

Door hinge and dead-bolts

A backdoor tends to be inviting for intruders, as more often than not, backdoors are installed opening outwards with its hinges on the outside. The disadvantage of a door like this, is that the hinges - which are easily forced and a real invitation for any burglar to come inside – are easily accessible. A dead bolt with a 3-star hinge can help in this situation. Although they used to be not very aesthetically pleasing, the various colours and material options have made them barely visible!

Schanieren Deuren

Glass door

You can buy all the best hinges and security locks for your doors, but it can all be meaningless if your door is not fitted with breakthrough retardant safety glass. The special film between the layers of glass offer an almost unbreakable protection. More about glass here

Security Door 

Do you want a solution that is guaranteed to keep burglars on the outside? Then a security door is what you are looking for. This door system is not only designed to defeat any smart tricks burglars might have, it can withstand bullets and even explosions. Based on your individual needs, we will work with you to show you how a security door should look like. Security doors and safety frames are then made to size according to your personal preferences and style of your property. Because we are convinced that good security does not have to come at the expense of a beautiful look!

Veiligheidsdeur met staal

Structural and electronic door security

We often get to see premises at which the structural security (locks, glass doors, etc.) is neatly arranged, but where the electronic security leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, we also see that everything is done to trace intruders and alert the police. Unfortunately, nothing was done to stop the intruders entering the property in the first place.  In intrusion prevention, we strongly believe in combining constructional and electronic security. Protection that keeps burglars outside the door as long as possible, with the other type of protection that detects them as early as possible in your home, business or premises. We are happy to tell you more about our unique approach!

A safe home or business begins with secure doors. Contact us and let us convince you how we can secure your doors!