Ram raids still happen. Ramming a shop front open with a stolen car and brute force, and within no time robbing the store. The answer from the security experts is: bollards. For shops and businesses that showcase valuables and lie on a square or road, bollards are often a requirement of insurance companies. The effectiveness of bollards for retailers is even demonstrated by a study of the association of banks (NVB).

Rampalen Inbraakwerend

Bollards need to be well designed to be beautifully embedded into the pavement and not put off any passers-by. Bollards come in an attractive stainless steel version and can be electronically controlled to rise up as you are closing your shutters. 

For whom are bollards suitable? 

Bollards are especially suitable for shops or businesses with valuables that can be quickly stolen and are on roads with products that are showcased on windows. Also business premises in remote industrial sites are often the target of a ram raid. But also a collapsing bollard is increasingly used, for example to secure valuables in your car. 

Why are bollards a good form of security?

A bollard is often an effective tool in the fight against ram raids. Bollards come in a version of no less than 10mm of steel and cannot be compromised if brute force is used. With smart and eye catching designs, bollards are often used as a part of the overall security system. A bollard is part of the structural protection, with an electric control of the telescopic or hydraulic pole. By coupling it with the alarm system or access control, you have a total security system. 

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