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Do you want reliable site monitoring without sky-high costs?

Not all land owners have the financial resources to have guards constantly run around. They want to avoid intruders at night, but the price tag has to be realistic. Moreover, it is often questionable whether guards are alert 24/7. Do you recognize these considerations? Then we are the right partner for you!

We ensure that burglars prefer to pass your site

Good site monitoring begins with deterring burglars and we at Inbraakpreventie happen to be experts at it. Why? Because we have over forty years of experience in burglaries and know exactly how a burglar works. That makes it very easy for us to place ourselves in the burglars mind. The result? An optimal guarded site with an appropriate price tag and equipped with the latest technology!

We arrange the constructional and electronic security

Electronic security, such as cameras and laser detection, are simply not enough to keep intruders off your site. Therefore, we are happy to arrange the complete architectural security for you, ranging from security locks up to special fences, to ensure that your site is secure on all fronts.

We offer a solution that suits you and your unique property

At Inbraakpreventie, we are convinced that we can only offer the best solution when it is clear where the major security risks are. A risk sketch helps us in this process, so that we know exactly what points we should watch and what resources are needed for this intrusion. You then determine how far you want to go in securing your property, so you get a solution that suits both you and your site.

We solve security problems immediately

It can happen that burglars still try to enter your highly secured area. Usually it stays an attempt however, in the unlikely event that they manage to get further, the camera and alarm system will make sure it is detected in no-time. Is there any damage to your prevention resources? We will repair them in no time again! This way you are constantly assured of a highly secured area.

Convinced? We look forward to meeting you!

You no longer want to have to worry about the safety of your land? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can make your property more secure!



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