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Some objects are simply priceless...

There are certain items that you absolutely do not want be lost in a fire or burglary. It can be be a rare museum piece, but also your expensive, bronze garden sculpture. Whatever the reason is: Inbraakpreventie ensures that your valuables are safe!

We protect your property by placing ourselves into the mind of a burglar

To secure your valuables we will temporarily place ourselves into the skin of the burglar. Not literally of course, but we think from his/her perspective. With over 40 years of experience in burglaries, we have a good impression of ​​how burglars work and know exactly how to make a burglary as difficult as possible.

We protect your property from A to Z

Object security means not only that the object itself must be protected, but also the surrounding areas and the outside of the building have to be secured. For this we use a strong mix of constructional and electronic security. On request, we immediately take care of the fire protection for you. This way your objects are optimally protected against all outside threats.

We look for the best solution for your unique security issue

Burglars often use the most sophisticated ways to leave your premises unnoticed with your valuable object. In addition, stealing a diamond needs a totally different approach than stealing a large painting. This means we have to take into account the nature of your object, the insight of the burglar and the environment in which the object is located. A risk analysis helps us in the process to find the best solution for your security needs.

We never leave your properties unattended

Despite all these security measures, a burglar may still decide to try and steal your property. Mostly it will only remain an attempt. If there is any damage to security materials we will repair it in no time, so that there won’t be time for a successful attempt. 

Convinced? We look forward to meeting you!

Do you also want to make sure that your valuables are safe? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can secure your items.



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