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You discover how important your business information and your means of production is when it is too late...

Your business simply cannot function without the presence of specific means of production and contract information. Often you are not aware of this, until you are faced with a burglary. If you have backups, it might seem like there is not much going on. However, the time of recovery may still cause irreparable damage. Inbraakpreventie helps you to avoid this, but how do we make your property safe?

We place ourselves into the mind of a burglar

To protect your premises, we temporarily place ourselves inside a burglars mind. With forty years of experience in burglaries, we know exactly how a burglar thinks and acts; that knowledge continues to grow daily. This makes it easy to for us to understand the perspective of the criminal. The result? A highly secured premises where a burglar wants to walk past as quickly as possible.

We protect your premises both structural and electronic

To protect your business information and other valuable assets, it is important that your building – besides a clever electronic system – also features a clever architectural security. Electronic prevention means, such as access control and alarm systems, are not sufficient to keep the intruder out. Therefore, we provide the complete package: ranging from security locks and unbreakable glass, to cameras and alarm systems.

We provide solutions that fit the nature of your business

Every company and every sector is different. Therefore, we think together with you and it does not just stay with thinking: we also organize regular fire prevention for businesses. Because, if are going to secure your company, we might as well do it all at once.

We solve security threats immediately

Breaking into an office building remains very tempting for burglars. Companies often have valuable equipment and the staff is always gone around the same time. On top of that, there is often hardly any physical control present at later hours; therefore burglars have plenty of time to enter your premises. Thanks to our professional prevention, it mostly remains an attempt. Is there any damage to the system? We will repair it immediately, since we don’t want the burglars to come back.

Convinced? See with what solutions we can secure your premises

Do you not want to have to worry about the security of your premises and just focus on what you do best? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can make your building safer!



With these solutions we secure your office and commercial properties: