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Would you like to have a safe house?

‘Home’ is a safe, warm place where you can completely be yourself. However that safe feeling is completely shattered when faced with a brake-in. Knowing that a burglar has thrown all your precious belongings around is very distressing and may even cause a traumatic experience. Inbraakpreventie bv helps you to avoid this, so that you can close the door behind you and go to sleep with a full sense of security. But how does Inbraakpreventie bv make your home safe?

We ensure that intruders prefer to walk past your home

A burglar only needs a few seconds to decide whether a building is easy to intrude. We will ensure that they want to avoid your home or property. How do we do this? We temporarily place ourselves in the mind of an intruder. We have 40 years of experience. so you can imagine that we have a good idea of how an intruder thinks. 

We arrange both constructional and electronic security

We are convinced that good intrusion prevention is characterized by a mix of electronic and constructional solutions. Why? Because you do not only want to quickly and effectively detect intruders, but also want to make it as difficult as possible to get close to your belongings. You require both electronic and structural solutions, which we both offer.

We look for the best solution for your home security

Each house, like its resident, is different. We ensure that you get a prevention solution that fits your home and your unique situation. Do you have a specific request? We think together with you, realize the best findable solution and, if you want, we can also include fire prevention. Since we are working on optimal safety, why not do it all at once?

We help you if something actually happens

A house with many valuables remains attractive to an intruder. Sometimes the temptation is so great that he or she still tries to invade a secure home. Fortunately, in many cases it only remains an attempt. Any damage to your intrusion prevention system will be repaired by us in no time. This way, even with multiple attempts, an intruder will not come further than intended.

Convinced? Discover with which solutions we protect your house

Do you want to be able to go on a holiday and sleep with a full sense of security? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can make your home safer!



With these solutions we will
make your house safe: