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You don’t want to take risks at the cost of the safety of another, do you?

Whether it's a nursery or a university: an educational institution must be a safe place, a place where safety is an absolute certainty and where children and carefree students could be assigned to. But what happens when suddenly an intruder walks into your building? How do you prevent that digital whiteboards, projectors and exam materials will be stolen and how do you ensure the integrity of your institution and your employees? These are all problems that could happen all of a sudden. Inbraakpreventie bv ensures that you are prepared for all scenarios!

We make your educational institution unattractive to criminals

There are several reasons why your school can be a victim of undesirable practices. Criminals can use your school to conduct a kidnapping, but they can also be interested in your prized possessions. Whatever the reason is: we ensure that the temptation to invade your school will be a lot smaller. How? With our security solutions, which we will make visible to assure a preventive effect.

We provide the complete security of your school

Your building will only be optimally protected if there is both electronic and structural security. Cameras and access control are not sufficient to block unwanted practices; therefore we also take care of the complete engineering solution for you. And if you want, we immediately see how we can improve your fire prevention. Thus, the complete safety of your school can be done properly at once!

We ensure that your building is properly protected

An educational institution is something totally different than a store or business. The reason is simple: a school often has multiple entrances and also the bike shed and the school’s playground are a particular concern. This asks for a special approach, an approach that we control thoroughly after forty years of experience.

We are always there for you

Despite all these security measures, it can occur that an intruder or criminal is still trying to enter your school. Fortunately, it mostly only stays an attempt and any damage to your prevention resources will be repaired in no time again. This way, intruders won’t get a second chance to reach their goal.

Convinced? See with what solutions we can protect your institution

Do you want to offer your students safe shelter and avoid unpleasant incidents with criminals? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can make your school safer!


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