What is electronic security?

With electronic security, you can quickly detect potential intruders and immediately alert the emergency services. That makes this form of security an important addition to the architectural security, because what good are structural barricades if the intruders have got all the time in the world to break through them? Electronic security ensures that the burglars are detected early, so they have less time to break through the architectural barriers.

There are various means by which you can detect intruders. Examples are vibration detectors, glass break detectors or motion sensors on the outside of the building. The main purpose of these funds is to detect burglars quickly and effectively, without false alarms. Therefore, proper adjustment of the detectors is essential. Our experts will arrange this for you and tell you exactly what factors you should consider, such as: environment, equipment and weather conditions.

In addition to detecting intruders, alerting the emergency services is just as important. An alarm that goes off in the industrial area for a few minutes at the weekend won’t be noticed; in such case alarming the emergency services directly is much more effective. This does not mean that the acoustic or optical signals are unnecessary. Using these signals not only scares off burglars, but the emergency services can immediately see where they should be. In densely populated areas, it is also the best way to make quick mention of a potential intrusion.

In a quick response from the police or other emergency services, it is of additional value to have visual verification material, such as camera images. The police only respond when a message is authenticated. You can accelerate this verification time by using a camera, to prevent burglars from actually running off with your stuff.

Inbraakpreventie bv uses the following electronic safety means: