BORG Certified Security

BORG Verbeterde risicoklassenindeling (VRKI) or improved risk classification is a tool to determine the risk of burglary of homes and business premises, on the basis of the risk of intrusion. It determines what preventive measures you should take and on what level. The BORG certificate is independent and recognised to give confidence in the quality of anti-burglary systems. 

Why BORG? 

The BORG certificate provides and independent review of the security measures to be taken to ensure a secure home. The ‘BORG VRKI’ was jointly set up by KIWA and insurers. The certificate consists of two parts; a structural completion certificate and an electronic delivery receipt. Both parts offer a clear insight into what actions must be met in order to safeguard individuals and satisfy insurance needs. 

Why combine structural and electric security? 

Proper structural security ensures that burglars and intruders will be severely impeded in their attempts to get into properties and access valuables. Electronic security ensures intruders are detected at a very early stage on attempting to enter a property. Therefore, a combination of both systems ensures this highest possible protection, to slow down the intruders and enact the appropriate response to make sure they are apprehended by the authorities. You can make it as difficult as possible with architectural controls for intruders to get in, employing such controls as toughened glass, steel doors, DNA spray, fog generators and also good hinges and locks or shutters. 

Total BORG certified security 

Within the BORG certification there is a distinction between three types of companies: technical security, alarm installers and building security. According to the BORG certification, technical security company is a natural person or legal entity operating and/or maintaining a security system, and designs these based on electronic and structural protections. An alarm installer is a natural or legal person who designs a security only on the basis of electronic protections, perform and / or servicing. Finally, an architectural security company focuses on the specific design, implementing and/or maintaining structural protections.

Our vision of total security 

According to the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) a security system is a coherent system of engineering - mechanical - compartmenting – theft-prevention- electronic - alarming - and responsive measures. Security processes and procedures (organisational measures) are also part of this whole system. This means that the bell of an alarm is only a small part of the whole integrated security system. Contrary to what many other companies believe, we think that electronic and structural security go hand in hand; together they form the overall security for you as a person. As such, we are BORG certified for both electronic and structural security.

We give BORG- certificates and completion-evidence, from which our clients can demonstrate the adopted security measures are fit for purpose, and constructed and maintained in accordance with the applicable installation regulations.


borg-beveiligingsbedrijf Inbraakpreventie

NCP/KIWA approved 

Since the start of NCP Certification (the author of criteria for security BORG security companies) in early 2005, the certification world has changed considerably. The NCP National Centre for Prevention was for a time the leading institute in the Netherlands with regard to regulation and supervision. After 1 January 2005, with the arrival of the CCV (Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety), this is no longer the case. In 2010 KIWA Netherlands has started consultations with NCP Certification to work towards a more agile and more certification body. 

Centre for Crime and Security

The CCV is the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety. It is a professional organisation that aims to inspire professionals of public and private parties to jointly realize smart solutions in areas such as safety and liveability. The CCV is responsible for the management and development of quality systems and compliance schedules. Affiliated parties include the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Association of Insurers, the Council of Chief Constables etcetera.




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Member of Uneto- VNI 

UNETO-VNI is an organization for the installation sector, a sector that is vital to the Dutch economy. Uneto- VNI has a continuous dialogue with government, politics, education, the media, trade unions, producers and consumers and to support the members in a professional, effective manner, with sustainability paramount.