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Freedom is of great importance! Often it goes unnoticed and it can be shocking when it is attacked. We live in a world after 9/11, where we live side by side with different people with different ideals and beliefs. “Determination” is the word when it comes to the defence of freedom, free from terror. This requires cooperation and respect; so that freedom is preserved for all, without preference for or hindrance to anyone and without fear of violence. Instead we want a reassuring sense of safety and prevention.

Topics of intrusion play a significant role in this strive for safety; as such our solutions have ensured the safety of senior officials, lawyers and important members of boardrooms in the buildings they work and live in for many years. We have offered them safety from extreme threats of violence which gives them the freedom to carry out their important work. Whether it is a visible deterrent or invisible detection and protection, we know how to protect against aggression like no other. We are the experts in bullet resistant glazing and invisible armoured facades, window frames and doors.

If you are being threatened, you want a secure, but not noticeably fortified home. Inbraakpreventie b.v. can make all the existing features discreetly armoured. We sympathise with you! There is no excuse for violent offenders or those who take the law into their own hands. For us, everyone has a right to security and protection regardless of their services or profession. Whether you fight for liberties or just express your own beliefs, the safety of your family and/or colleagues should never be compromised.

No excuse for violent offenders. Inbraakpreventie b.v. ensures your safety!  

If violence is directed at your address it attacks what you stand for. With the upmost respect and compassion Inbraakpreventie b.v. ensures your complete safety. We do this from the heart of Amsterdam, maintaining a reassuring proximity to assist you, whenever you need.

We offer structural and electronic security. Visible or invisible, it’s up to you!

With complete structural security, ranging from security locks to extreme facade armour, we take care of your safety. We incorporate visual armour as a form of deterrent. Alternatively, a discreet solution, visible or invisible, is the best security. We are also not lacking in the field of electronic security; with cameras, laser detection and the latest innovations, we rid you of aggressors or intruders.

Convinced? We look forward to meeting you!

You no longer have to worry about the security of your home, building or property! Make an appointment with us and discover how we make your safety our paramount importance. Discretion is assured. 

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make your live safe: