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Your secret documents may not end up on the street, simple as that

Working at a ministry is a synonym for working with secrets. Protection of private data is very important. You live under a magnifying glass and you are responsible for major decisions. A burglary is by no means ideal, since you don’t want your secret documents ending up on the street. Moreover, your big responsibility should not threaten your safe working environment. Inbraakpreventie helps you to permanently keep away snooping eyes and malicious people. But how do we do that?

We protect your data by placing ourselves into the skin of a criminal

Inbraakpreventie has already forty years working experience in the field of security. Thanks to this, we now know exactly how criminals proceed. This allows us to place ourselves in their minds, so that we know how to build a safe home environment and protect your secret documents from any form of unwanted visitors.

We provide the complete protection of your property

At Inbraakpreventie we love doing one thing more than anything: making your home and property safer. According to us, it involves more than just installing electronic security such as cameras or alarm systems. After all, you also want a safe environment for your family... Therefore, we immediately arrange the complete architectural security for you, which also includes fire prevention, because arson is indeed the best way for malicious people to destroy secret documents once and for all.

We solve security problems immediately

Despite strong security measures, it may occur that burglars still try to get inside your building. Fortunately, it often stays an attempt and if you have any damage to your security, we will repair it immediately. This way, even with multiple attempts, an intruder will not come further than intended.

Convinced? We look forward to meeting you!

Do you want the assurance that your valuable documents are safe? Make an appointment with us and discover how we can make your ministry more secure!



With these solutions we will make ministries safe: